Friday, October 31, 2008

It Matters

It is hard to imagine what it will feel like if next Wednesday morning we wake to McCain/Palin as Pres/VP elect. Like most of you, I have seen savings and 401K disappear over the last year. Every aspect of work has gotten harder. Every aspect of life is more expensive. I am someone who bought a house in the last two years and have the queasy feeling of being upside-down. And, I still have a hard time defending our countries actions to my overseas friends.

These are challenging times. We are in a deep hole and we need to climb out. More than effort, that takes motivation. How we feel, how we work together, how much energy we put into it matters a lot. In all the character assassination, name calling, petty distractions and false controversy that dominate the end of this campaign, it is easy to lose sight of what is needed. It may be sappy, but it is time to return to what lit this campaign up in the beginning.

I hope you will vote for Obama. I hope to wake up Wednesday excited and energized. It matters.

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