Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ignite Portland

Something is going on in Portland. Nearly 1000 people showed up at the Bagdad last night for Ignite Portland. Many, maybe 200 were turned away at the door. It was a totally cool event. I presented, declaring that it is time for Portland to start some great companies. I felt a bit like a mime at a comedy night with my business focused presentation wedged in between Why Deutschland Loves David Hasselhoff and How to be an Undercover Hooker. If you are in Portland you need to go to the next Ignite.

The format is 20 slides in 5 minutes, 15 seconds a slide, and the slides advance automatically. Any topic you want. It runs like a freight train through the Gorge: once it starts it doesn’t stop; some of the scenery is great, some is of old rail yards, but the ride is fun.


Rick Turoczy said...


I thought your presentation was not only humorous, but dead on. But that might just be because I completely agree with you. ;)

I, for one, am looking forward to working with you to help Portland take its place.

Great work!

Take care,

Bram Pitoyo said...


To me, your presentation last night definitely ranks up at the very top in terms of real-world usefulness (as well as inspiring-ness :)

Thanks for the talk!

- Bram

Adam said...


What a great presentation, despite something that was my fault: your graphs were missing! This was a technical problem, of course. It was tough merging lots of presentations and I caught most of the issues. I missed that one and I'm really sorry. You totally rolled with it and the audience loved it.

As you pointed out in your presentation, and was apparent by the cool, creative audience in attendance, Portland has the people to be great. Can't wait for us to take our place!

Bram said...


I think that there needs to be a follow up to your presentation—in the form of a group, website or anything. This subject is too valuable to lose its momentum and more Portlanders should collaborate to help make it happen faster. Let's talk.

Chris Logan said...


You are one of a bunch of people that have expressed interest in pursuing this further. I think we need to start something. Anyone who is interested in joining some kind of "Portland Now" group, please send me a note, and watch this space.