Saturday, February 2, 2008

Leadership – The next President

I understand the significance of the top candidates for president being a woman and a black man. There might even have been a time that it was important to elect a president just to set such a precedent. This is not that time. There is too much at stake.

It seems likely that a democrat will win the White House. Obama and Clinton have nearly identical policy positions. However, the deciding factor should not be race or gender. Leadership is what maters.

We need to focus on the leadership ability of these candidates. Trust, judgment and intelligence have to be part of it. Especially after seven years of lies, missteps and blunders. However, based on how divided the country is and how much our position in the world needs to change, we need to focus on the ability to inspire change and action.

At this stage, the
greater leader seems to be emerging clearly. The next few weeks will be very interesting to watch.

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Tony said...

I think Barak has a unique ability to reframe the debate. We've reached a point of homeostasis with the mid-east conflict, and we need someone with a fresh set of eyes, that will approach it from a different angle.